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What are the benefits of selling your house fast for cash?

Listing with agent

While you may be able to get a higher sales price listing your house with a traditional real estate agent, it does come at a cost.

In exchange for a possible higher price, you’ll be burdened with all of the risk, expense, time commitment and stress that this process requires.

Sell your house for cash fast

On the other hand, you could sell to a professional home buyer.

This strategy is mainly for people who are willing to sacrifice a bit on the sales price in exchange for a fast convenient sale with no hassles.

For many, selling at a lower price makes sense in return for the elimination of commissions, fees and the expedited timeline which can quickly outweigh the cost of carrying a house.

Compare your options Sell Colorado Houses Fast logo Listing with
Process Simple and convenient Complex and uncertain
Timeline for the entire process In as little as 7 days 6 months on average
Commissions paid Zero, zip, zilch, nada 6% on average
Closing costs paid We pay all closing costs 2% on average
Repairs needed to sell We buy “as is”. Never worry about repairs or cleaning. Most likely
Upfront cost? Not a dime As much as it takes
Number of showings 1 (Just Us) As many as it takes
Closing date You get ot pick the closing date At the mercy of buyers
Sale contingent on buyer financing We’re ready to pay in cash right now 15% of sales fall through
Sale contingent on home appraisal No Most likely
Sale contingent on sale of the buyer’s property No In most cases, yes
Sale contingent on official home inspection No Of course

Which option is best for you?

If you are facing tough circumstances or just in a hurry to get cash for your house, selling a house the traditional way can end up costing more versus selling at a reasonable discount today. We encourage you to work the numbers to see which option is best for you!

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